Viral Love? Love me With All Of Your heart…How I Love You…Until the End of Time #PinoyBlogWatch

Viral Live? Love me With All Of Your heart…How I Love You…Until the End of Time #PinoyBlogWatch

The social media is everything when it comes to showing the different facets of a person, especially – the feeling and the character that goes with his/her personality. Unfortunate events happened for some netizens and good things occurred to some.

In today’s generation, social media plays a vital role in molding the youngsters and adults alike. Sharing the things that matters most for some netizens were shared in the internet without any qualms on their part. But other people were hiding their true identity no matter what.

Finding love in the social media is one thing, while making friends needs awareness that comes with it.

Some people show their love in the open while others done it secretly. But does physical appearance really matter when it comes to finding the love of your life?

A man loved his woman even though unfortunate incident happened to her. He proved to the whole world that love bounds no limit in pursuing what he felt before. He showed the world how much he really cares and loves this woman on the picture, but despite of the situation the man did not give up on her.

I dedicate this song to them, “Love Me With All of your Heart,” for the love they shared and continue until the end of time.

Love me With All Of Your heart