Tanim-Bala: Not an Isolated Case

                 It seems that the PNoy administration doesn’t care about the tanim-bala or laglag-bala issue because they said this is just an isolated case. Aside from this, they believed that this is just a black propaganda or a demolition job to destroy the image of Aquino regime. But according to the report this is not a new issue anymore. This is already happening even in the past. Some of the victims of laglag-bala were already gave their statement; their experiences proved that the issue is really true. The victims believed that there is a syndicate that operates behind the lagag-bala.

                Maybe P-Noy doesn’t want to take an action because the general manager of the NAIA is his cousin. See, instead to take an immediate action against laglag-bala; he made a lot of excuses. Is this to protect his image and the candidacy of their standard bearer Mar Roxas and of course, to save his cousin and DOTC Sec. Abaya from a shameful situation?

                The sad thing, even foreigners became a victim of this modus operation. There is a tendency that the foreigners would not visit again in our country. It is possible that they will be the next  laglag-bala victim. Hence, our tourism industry may become affected. So, it is very important to stop this modus operandi to bring back the trust of the tourists. But it seems that the culprits behind laglag-bala become bold and aggressive because the government is not giving them a punishment. If the President is serious to suppress this illegal activity, the first thing he needs to do is remove the head of the NAIA. Then, all the culprits should be put in jail, from the higher official to the lowest rank.

                P-Noy should accept that this is a serious problem and not an isolated case. And for Mar Roxas, as a Presidential candidate make your own stand in this issue. Don’t copy all the opinion and disposition of P-Noy. For your information, Tanim-bala has no connection to the smear campaign of the opponents of Liberal party. Maybe their opponent is just riding in this issue to criticize them also. But it doesn’t matter, just focus to the real issue. The issue now is the Aquino government is not willing to chase the mastermind of the alleged syndicate in NAIA!