Vice Ganda, A GMA Mocking Bird or Horse? #PinoyBlogWatch #AldubNation

Vice Ganda, A GMA Mocking Bird or Horse? #PinoyBlogWatch #AlDubNation

Since GMA’s AlDub fever consumed Filipinos all over the world, Vice Ganda never stop his never-ending whining or gimmicks towards GMA artists. What really his purpose in doing this, that he can beat anybody or everybody with his sour-graping attitude?

The clash between the noontime shows of Eat Bulaga and Showtime has been creating a buzz over the social media sites. Making them the center of controversies and nothing much to be desired by some internet users.

Why these personalities are trying their best to be the center of everything? …Because they are stars…Especially when Vice Ganda delivered a speech that claims that they have accepted that they could not defeat Eat Bulaga. He claims that they are giving up the fight.

Instead of gaining the sympathy of the viewers, what he said gained criticisms from the people who have witnessed it. The netizens were angered by the words that he said. Now, the videos of Vice Ganda in the past had been circulating over the net.

Just like this one whereas he was mocking GMA. One of the contestants is from GMA Cavite which he used to gave several words towards the other network.

The netizens say that he is now getting a fast of what they call 'Karma'. And he’s doing anything to elude the public of his antics.

What are you up to Vice Ganda? Keep the Showtime going and mind your own show.

throwback video: Vice Ganda May nagtext si GMA!