Another Showtime Gimmick? Mr. Pastillas (a.k.a. Chard Parajinog) Is Already Married? #PinoyBlogWatch #PastillasGirl

Another Showtime Gimmick? Mr. Pastillas (a.k.a. Chard Parajinog) Is Already Married? #PinoyBlogWatch #PastillasGirl

Maybe this is a bad news for Showtime fans nationwide or just another gimmick to counter the AlDub fame? We cannot totally rely with news coming from nowhere but there’s a saying that, “If there’s a smoke, there’s fire.”

Needless to say but the main thing for this show segment, “Mr and Miss Pastillas” is nothing but a gimmick and not true to their concept. Likewise, Mr. Pastillas - Chard Parajinog was chosen by Angelica Yap was allegedly married to another girl?

The Mr. Pastillas becomes Mr. Palitaw or Mr. Sapin-sapin because netizens coild not decipher the truthfulness of this show. Maybe, they just referring it to Aldub concept.

Mr. Pastillas words were recorded saying, “I don’t have any girlfriend since birth, Chard said in an interview with PEP. He claimed that “No Girlfriend Since Birth” (NGSB) and he really like Angelica Yap, the Pastillas Girl.

But the netizens discovered some photos to prove that Chard is already in relationship or maybe married with another girl. Some fans who saw the pictures of Chard was very disappointed because they thought that Chard is single.

Angelica Yap didn’t chose Topher and we respect it, but now, look what happened? How can we accept that Angelica Yap chosen a married man? She has the right to chose but the event turned out to be in the negative side.

Religious group reacted because of this and that Mr. and Miss Pastillas destroyed one the commandments. It’s not really proper to promote such relationship on-the-air.

If Chard is married, it means Angelica Yap is possibly become a mistress of this man? A friend of Chard denied that the photos were taken during class activities and not a wedding photo. The girl is Chard classmate.

Let’s wait and see, okay?