AlDub Worship by Religious Group? You make My Day! #AlDubNation #PinoyBlogWatch

AlDub Worship by Religious Group? You make My Day! #AlDubNation #PinoyBlogWatch

What’s happening to AlDub fever?

AlDub is a phenomenon wherein people, especially Filipinos devoted their time to enjoy watching in Eat Bulaga’s segment “Kalye Serye.” But because of its fame, it’s getting higher and higher in a sense that everything?...I mean people were incorporating their craziness?....to AlDub!

In an extreme note, some people called themselves, “Maka-AlDub Banal Na Isinugo Ni Hesucristo.” They worshipped Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza because they’re sent by Jesus Christ to the world to redeem our sins?

They believed that popularity of AlDub was not in normal way that God planned to save people from their sins. What a topic of discussion here where believing is like “molding banana cue into adobo” that’s unbelievable!

The group’s from North Luzon and started to recruit their members across the Philippine archipelago. They worshipped the images of Alden and Maine.

“God Gave Me You,” a song requirement for every member to sing and they’re asking donation of 50 pesos for building the church. The founder is not yet identified but a charismatic lady.

Do you think this is craziness or a fad for some Filipinos? …Or it’s a scam?

Mind you people, Aldub phenomenon is a matter of idolizing the characters but not to the extent that they’ll be worshipped by anyone. Let’s wait and see the true colors of this group. Likewise, you know, this is alarming to our society in general.

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