AlDub Received An Award Together with Kalye Serye Casts of Eat Bulaga #AlDubNation #AlDubForLove #PinoyBlogWatch

AlDub Received An Award Together with Kalye Serye Casts of Eat Bulaga #AlDubNation #AlDubforLove #PinoyBlogWatch

The characters of Kalye Serye, TV Host and comedian Wally Bayola, dressed in his Lola Nidora costume, and Maine Mendoza a.k.a . Yaya Dub thanked fans at the Sta. Rosa City Auditorium after receiving an award in the 1st Catholic Social Media Awards, an event organized by church-based organizations Youth Pinoy and Areopagus Communications Inc., on October 11, 2015.

“Ito na ang tamang panahon!' Lola Nidora tells the crowd. Plus, Maine Mendoza speaks!
Mendoza, who barely speaks in the Kalyeserye series, surprised the crowd when she spoke to thank everyone,"Para po sa inyong lahat ito," said Mendoza to a cheering crowd. The Kalyeserye will continue to pave the way to impart good values, good conduct, love for others, and love for God. Thank you very much.

Given recognition in the event are Wally Bayola, Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards, and the producers of the hit Kalyeserye series, TAPE productions, for "promoting Filipino Christian values and virtues." Richards, however, was not able to attend the event because he was in Japan.
Also given recognition was the AlDub Nation team of fans, for "helping spread the Kalyeserye’s values online through inspirational posts and tweets.They received the awards with lasting acceptance and love. They’re in love for the Kalye Serye that they brought Filipino values to all Filipinos. This award is another milestone for them.
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Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora Receives Catholic Social Media Awards