Piolo Pascual’s Butt Goes Viral in “Silong” Movie #PinoyBlogWatch

Piolo Pascual’s Butt Goes Viral in “Silong” Movie  #PinoyBlogWatch

For Silong movie, Piolo Pascual did not hesitate to expose his smooth butt but definitely some fans wanted to see his butt for a long time. The theme of this movie is a suspense-thriller wherein they both acted beautifully to give realistic scenes.

His leading lady was Rhian Ramos where she’d done her skills and talent in acting. Likewise, Piolo Pascual made a terrific acting that molded him into another level.

There were love scenes between the two that made them a perfect pair to reckon with in the showbiz.

Piolo Pascual said that he gave it whatever the director Jeffrey Hidalgo told him to do even the exposure of his butt, “Sa totoo lang, it’s not to necessarily challenge myself to do things I’m not comfortable doing. Pero bilang isang aktor, I guess it’s my responsibility to just take on characters even myself would be surprised. Kahit ako na-surprise ako lalo na sa ending.”

According to Jeffrey Hidalgo, there’s a scene wherein he tried Piolo to wear revealing short until his butt was exposed. But it’s okay for Piolo and accepted the scene.

“Even before I can move, he was the first one to immediately cover me up. And he’s like, ‘Are you ok?’ the whole time. I’m like, ‘Wow! Thank you. I’m fine,” Rhian Ramos confessed.

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