Mar Roxas to "Ober Da Bakod" Congressmen: Welcome to Liberal Party! #PinoyBlogWatch

Mar Roxas to "Ober Da Bakod" Congressmen: Welcome to Liberal Party!  #PinoyBlogWatch

Secretary Mar Roxas intention to become next president is being viewed by all Filipnos as a commitment he may have made to serve his country and the Filipinos as a continuation of his late grandfather’s desire to put the country in greater heights. He made his own sacrifices when he gave way to his party’s decision to field then Senator Aquino for President. Clearly he was a loyal party man putting his party’s interest above his own.

Like President Manuel Acuna Roxas who put his country first above self, Secretary Mar is a man eager to keep the country in better shape by seeing his grandpa’s unfinished business done and following President Aquino’s “matuwid na daan” advocacy to continue in many years to come.

Many congressmen and political personalities are beginning to change their loyalty because of Mar Roxas making him the Number 1 contender for presidential election this coming 2016.

Their moves to shift to LP made Mar Roxas increased his chances to be the next Philippines President indeed!

Speaking of Presidential election 2016, another political icon confirmed that he won’t run for president anymore. Yes, the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will not be running for president in 2016.

The announcement was made despite calls for the mayor, known for his tough stance against crime, to run for president.

"In 2016, I will retire from public life and I believe it's no longer my time. I will retire after my term."

The mayor's supporters were in tears after the announcement and some of them believe Duterte may still change his mind if there is stronger public clamor for him to run for president. Netizens supporting Rodrigo Duterte were disappointed that caused them to keep their mouth shut for the moment.

We will wait and see if this is true for Mr. Duterte comes October 2015. Likewise, Mar Roxas supporters in the social media increased hundred times for the past months after the endorsement of President Aquino.

Who will be the next President? I think, good and experienced government official with honesty and trust as part of his character to lead the Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole.