Duterte Will Not Run in Presidential Election 2016

Photo Source: interaksyon.com
        Finally, Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has already broke his silence if he will run or not in Presidential Election 2016.

            Duterte said after he consulted his family, he decided not to run as president in our country. Despite the fact that there is a strong clamor from different sectors of our society that he should run as president. He made his announcement on Monday (Sept. 7) at Grand Sen Meng in Davao City.

            The supporters of Duterte have been disappointed after they heard his final decision, but they will respect it. They believed that only Duterte could transform our society by combating graft and corruption, criminal syndicates like drug lords, pushers, carnapper, hijacker, etc. For them, there is no other presidential candidate like him who is very brave. They admired him because of his different approach as a leader. He believed in iron hand to decrease the criminality in Davao that’s why it became one of the safest places in the world.

            Before this, Duterte was already announced that he will never run in Presidential election in 2016 because his family was not agreeing to his plan. His family said that he is already too old that’s why he needs to take some rest.