AlDub’s Conquers the World with First TV Commercial #PinoyBlogWatch

AlDub’s Conquers the World with First TV Commercial #PinyBlogWatch

Just another milestone for AlDub that makes the world go round…and round, until the first idea for advertising comes in for amazing Marketing Team. Other marketing group could not decipher in advance on how to make their ads more powerful ever. Some critics may find this as part of business deal with AlDub. It sounds negative but it conforms with reality of the business.

The first ever TV commercial of the famous “Kalyeserye” stars Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, a.k.a. AlDub has been released with vigor. They made such great gestures in maintaining the famous pair by this kind of commercial.

The ad is for famous fastfood chain of restaurants in the Philippines McDonalds. The TV commercial runs for 30-second endorsing new chicken meal. This is why, some international fastfood chains are getting some idea about this AlDub commercial.

The commercial was aired on GMA-7 on Thursday right before the Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga.

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