Alden Richards for VP Binay's Life Story? In a Movie? #PinoyBlogWatch

Alden Richards for VP Binay Life Story? In a Movie?  #PinoyBlogWatch

VP Jejomar Binay wants Alden Richards to portray him in a movie of his life story?

In one of the showbiz conference, VP Binay was asked if ever his life story will be made into a movie, he answered without hesitation that it’s Alden Richards.

Alden Richards now famous for the AlDub tandem which VP Binay considering about. But another media person asked about his height and skin color. He said, in the movie nothing is impossible they could make it as real as possible.

Much to the excitement for some netizens but others was disappointed and a no-no project. Reaction of netizens and AlDub fans were either a bad image for Alden Richards or to go with it.

Remember, that Alden Richards was cast as Dr. Jose Rizal in the movie “Ilustrado” wherein his skin’s darkened by cosmetics.

Senator Vicente Sotto declared before that Alden Richards won’t be in any political campaign.

Well, with my own understanding, election 2016 is fast approaching VP Binay will make any campaign that could uplift his image to all Filipinos. Likewise, maybe, this is just another media buster for him to counter the balance of entertainment in Philippine politics.

Alden Richards for VP Binay Life Story