What Really Made OFWs To React Aggressively


Really, it’s very much desired to observe viral news in social media. The more you feel the intense feedback from different users, the more you amaze yourself to follow it squarely.

The Balikbayan Box issue spreads like wildfire among OFWs abroad that the Aquino Administration (who else?) especially the BOC Commissioner Alberto Lina got what it takes the wrath of the century!

Likewise, BOC employee Maria Roussel Tan even took her stand about the topic but has been bombarded too by OFWs for her negative remarks about the Balikbayan Box. She apologized to them and explained that her FB page was hacked. But some OFWs are adamant to accept her apology. At least, she’d done her part to ask understanding online.

What really made OFWs to react aggressively with this kind of issue?

OFWs are prone to defend themselves what really hurt their feelings and the way the government treated them especially as what they observed and heard. It’s most likely that they experienced hardships (for some OFWs?) getting what they dreamed before but in reality it’s not. The feelings are there all throughout while working abroad that sending precious items means there’s love accompany with it. Knowing that somebody, somewhere will open it besides their family, it affects them at once. Somehow, they get used to the old traditional ways when they sent packages, so little changes from the government regulation means intruders.

They expect that the Philippine government will give them support for whatever problems they encountered abroad. But things were different across the social media that their mindset changes too. Judgmental as it seems, it trigger the core when majority feels otherwise.

The saga between OFWs and the Philippine government leaders are indefinitely unreachable. Both sides differ with something it will not be resolved with mutual agreement. But these things can be seen as challenges for the nation’s leaders to move forward with the OFWs development.

Lessons learned for all of us to be aware of social media negatives but instead get informational subjects on it.