Kissing Scene of Kathniel: Fans Begging For Tweets #PinoyBlogWatch

One of the groups of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Kathniel Fans requested that they will promote to twitter the kissing scene of the #Kathniel in the teleserye “Dahil Sa ‘Yo.”

The said request must be 3 million to million tweets. The Kathniel fans were working day and night to top the trending in the social media. But the reverse happened, Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza of AlDub won effortless without any promotion at all.

For sure, the fans of AlDub are sincere for their increasing fame as love team. The #ALDUBAgainstALLODDS garnered 2.5 million tweets while the @PSYUnanghalik got 2.11 million only. For sure, ALDUB is famous than Kathniel!

Of course, AlDub of Eat Bulaga have many followers nowadays and fans are clamoring for more in the Kalyeserye. Everybody wanted them to continue their love team for a long time. And here’s the catch, AlDub never ask their fans to vote for them in any promotion whatsoever, while Kathniel fans begged for their tweets! In the future, the AlDub fever will surely capture the whole Philippines and abroad.

The way this love team captured the minds and hearts of their fans are amazingly wonderful. The chemistry worked effortless without interruption. The three (3) grandmothers are pushing them to be famous and adding to the entire show of Eat Bulaga.