Iglesia ni Cristo Rally at EDSA: A Fight for the Seperation of Church and State?

Photo Source: gmanetwork.com
        The Iglesia ni Cristo has been criticized by some netizens because of the rally which they currently conducting in EDSA Shrine. The members went there after their leaders appealed them to protest against the selective justice of DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima. They remind her about the separation of the Church and the State; that the government should not make an intrusion about their internal problems.

            The netizens can’t understand the action of the INC members. For them, they are just brought discomfort among motorist due to the heave traffic that they created in EDSA. If they want to protest, do it in the Philippine Arena. They are questioning them, why they conducting their rally in front of Mama Mary. In the first place, they don’t believe at her.

            The netizens also challenged the INC members, if they are really serious about their request to practice the sepeartion of the State and the Church; they should stop their block voting practice. Don’t ask for funds to the politicians just to get their blessing and anointing and don’t lobby to the government offices just to get a favor.

            INC members defending their activity in EDSA; they said that is not just a rally, they are just defending their faith from the intrusion of the government. They felt that de Lima has a personal interest about the internal problem into their church that’s why she personally look forward to the complaint of former Pasugo editor-in-chief Isaias Samson and other expelled ministers. For them, there is nothing wrong if they brought their rally in EDSA. The other sectors of our society are doing this, so, they have also right to have a rally there.

            On the other hand, not all INC members are agreed with the order of their leaders to organize a rally. First, it is against to their doctrine. They believed that by doing this they are just putting their church in a shameful situation. The issue here has no connection with their religious belief. The DOJ just want to investigate if there was really abduction happened inside their church as what Isaias Samson accused against the Sanggunian. There is no complaint against their Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo. Samson and his company are pinpointing the Sanggunian members who are responsible for their illegal detention. So, let the government do their job, they should not be afraid if there is nothing to hide.