Gunmen Attack Anthony Taberna's Coffee Shop in Quezon City

       Ka Tunying's Cafe located in Quezon City and owned by broadcaster Anthony Taberna had been shot several times by armed group. According to the report, four men who were riding in motorcycles went to the coffee shop around 2 am on August 28.

            In a CTTV footage of a nearby establishment, it will be shown that one of the suspects approached the guard and asked him if he had a gun. When the suspect learned that the guard that don’t had a gun, he warned him not to fight back. After that, four men fired the coffee shop of Taberna. Reportedly,there were no casualty in that incident.

Taberna went quickly in his coffe shop when he heard that it was attacked by armed group. He doesn’t have any idea who ordered to do that. As what he knew, it has a connection with his work. Maybe one of the people he criticized in the past in his radio or TV program had been hurt.

            The police authority is currently conducting an investigation about the firing incident. They had a hint that the suspects want to threaten Taberna and they don’t have an intention to hurt or liquidate him.