BOC Employee Criticizes by Netizens Due to Negative Remarks Against OFW

Photo from Bantay Pinoy FB page

                The controversial order of Bureau of Immigration about the inspection of balikbayan boxes have been bombarded by OFWs. They believed that the Costum should not do this because some of their items will be missing. The netizens also posted their sentiments regarding this issue through social media. Because of the massive protest, the government retracted this kind of policy. Before this, an employee of BOC had been controversial because of herrants against the OFW.

                According to Maria Roussel Tan, the OFW has crab mentality; they don’t study first before they could talk. All they knew is gossip and imitation that’s why they don’t have progress in the Philippines. She also emphasized that the OFWs are brainless. It is right for them to stay in abroad because our mother land doesn’t need them. She also added that they are just love to ask for sympathy and portraying as a hero. If this is true, they should go to Luneta and be fired!

                The OFWs who had read the post of Maria Roussel Tan were getting mad to her. They criticized the BOC employee for her irresponsible post. According to them, if there is a brainless here; it’s not the OFWs, but the BOC who wanted to open the balikbayan boxes. They are hungry for money because they wanted to get tax from some of their valuable items. For the OFWs, the balikbayan box is a symbol of their struggle in abroad that’s why it is sacred. It is for their family and not for the BOC. They also defended themselves by saying that they are not brainless as what Tan said. They went abroad because there is lack of opportunity in the Philippines. OFWs has an advice to Tan, she should go back to school to learn good manner and right conduct. She became rude to the more than 10 millions of OFW around the globe.