Another BOC Employee Criticizes by Netizens Due to Negative Remarks Against OFWs

        After Maria Roussel Tan, another employee of Bureau of Custom is in the hot seat. Like Roussel who allegedly belittled the OFWs, a man named Marvin Samera, an intern in BOC also mocked the OFWs by saying degrading words.

        On his FB account post, Samera said what’s wrong if they will open the balikbayan boxes? That’s the order of their boss. The OFW must think first before they say think anything about them. He also said that they will not get their items; they only get what they need in their box. They are not poor if ever they get only few. They are also needy and that’s their work. In the end of his post, he said that don’t send boxes if they don’t want to be taxed. He also said that don’t involved them with the dumbness of OFWs.

        Because of the negative remarks thrown by Samera against the OFWs, he received a lot of criticism from the netizens. They are very angry with the attitude of the BOC employee. Instead to be ashamed, Samera is very proud from what he is doing. In his other post, he admitted that the BOC employees are getting some items in balikbayan boxes. He also boasted some items which a part of their collections. Some netizens assumed that they just got those items from balikbayan boxes.

         In the other hand, some netizens said that Samera is just looking for attention. While the others are wondering how he became an employee of BOC because he acts as uneducated person.

Read the statement of Samera: