Willie Revillame to Other Artists: Love Yourselves

            Mahalin n’yo ang sarili n’yo.” This was the advice of Willie Revillame to the showbiz people who were attended to the 15th anniversary of Yes Magazine last Monday. He received a special recognition as the best seller who appeared on the cover of their magazine.  
            According to the Wowowin host, they must take care of themselves and they need to prepare for their future. The showbiz industry has no assurance, so, they should remember that in showbiz industry if we are already older, new talents will come. If your show doesn’t rate, you are not a star anymore. If your rating is low, their treat on you will be changed.
            Before the statement of Revillame, Wowowin will be off air and it will be replaced by a daily game show. The show didn’t gain higher ratings compare to his previous shows especially Wowowe which aired on ABS-CBN.
            Revillame also said that many people loves you in the industry, but you should love yourself too. In the end of the day, when you have a sick it is very important that you have money. So, you don’t need to ask money to anyone.

            Well, although Revillame have no TV show, for sure his income will not be affected. All he has to do is relax and enjoy his life outside the showbiz industry. 

Here is the video: