SONA 2015: The Unsaid Truth

      The last SONA of P-Noy was his longest speech compared to his previous SONA. It means only that was really boring that’s why many people who attended in that event became tired. They knew that was just scripted and they didn’t feel the sincerity in the voice of P-Noy. Listening to the SONA of P-Noy is like you’re listening to a man who doesn’t know what he is saying.  

                Maybe he was just dreaming when he said that our country is already recovering from poverty because we are facing an economic growth under his administration. He claimed that the government policy have been effective to combat poverty by eliminating the bureaucracy and corruption inside government offices.  Aside from citing his accomplishment, he also gave thanks to his yaya and hairstylist for their good service to him. After that, he also praised Mar Roxas for being a good ally in his Daang Matuwid program. This was a hint that he will support Roxas as the stand bearer of the Liberal Party in Presidential Election 2016.

                Okay, let us say that P-Noy is not a corrupt president and the Filipino people are very thankful for that. But the sad thing, it seems that there is a selective justice in the Aquino administration. He ordered to persecute some of the opposition members like Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Sen. Bong Revilla, etc.; but he just ignore if his allies are involved in corruption. But he is very aggressive to speak against his enemies in politics. Not only that, he don’t want to accept if he did mistakes. So, to cover up the weakness of his governance, all he has to do is to blame the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Because of this attitude, his critics called him as “Boy Sisi”.

                Maybe some people are wondering why the president didn’t mention about the Mamasapano incident, the worst service of MRT, etc. Of course, he tended to forget those issues. His SONA will be ruined if he will tackle those things. First, he might guilty because he let former PNP Chief Alan Purisima to conduct an operation although the official was suspended during that time. Then, until now the justice for the 44 fallen heroes is still elusive because the government doesn’t want to chase the criminals because of the Bansangmoro Basic (Law BBL).

                The Aquino administration is really a loser if we will discuss about the MRT issue. If you’re a train commuter you knew what I’m talking about. Because of MRT glitches, the lives of passengers are in danger. If we will investigate the root cause of the problem, we will find out that the old trains here are not the real problem. The DOTC headed by Sec. Jun Abaya is the real responsible to the trouble in MRT because of his mismanagement. But as an ally, P-Noy can’t remove him from his post although the MRT operation became really sucks!