Pabebe Girls Will be Featured in Wag Kang Pabebe Song of Vice Ganda

Photo Source: Star Record Official FB fan page

        Let us congratulate the Pabebe Girls or Pabebe Warriours for their success. As what they have said on their viral video, no one could stop them. They are right, because of the popularity of their video, even celebrities’ loves to spoof their video.

            Recently, Vice Ganda invited the Pabebe Girls in his TV show Gandang Gabi Vice. After that guesting, they released a video that dedicated to their supporters and bashers as well. In that video, they gave thanks to Vice Ganda for what he has done for them. Aside from Vice Ganda, they also gave thanks to all people who shares and likes their video. But they also asked forgiveness for those netizen who had been irked to their video. They emphasized that was just acting.

            Vice Ganda and the Star Records announced that the Pabebe Girls with Pabebe Queen or Mamon Girl has a cameo role in the music video of the Wag Kang Pabebe by Vice Ganda. Until now they can’t believe that their video will become popular. They admitted that they have an ambition to become an actress.

            So, again, congrats to Pabebe Girls! Hope that this will be the start of having a career in showbiz industry and not just a short period of being fame. If they have really talent in acting, show it. Don’t mind their bashers who are not happy for them. Anyway, they are not happy with their cameo role in Wag Kang Pabebe song of Vice Ganda. Some of them expressed their disappointment on their FB account with a hashtag #ripopm.