Pabebe Girls Has a Message to their Supporters and Bashers

          No one could stop to the internet sensation Pabebe Girls from the popularity that they gained from their video in Facebook. The stars of the video was released another video, but this time they are not looking for trouble. But it speaks about their sincere gratitude for those people who are supporting them and shares their video.  

            The Pabebe girls are also asking sorry for those people who reacted negatively to their video. They explained what they did was just an acting or nothing personal.
            They are very thankful to the showbiz personalities who are imitating them especially to Vice Ganda.

            Recently, the Pabebe Girls had been featured to Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. In that show, the Pabebe Girls told the story how they shot that video. Their friend convinced them to appear in a video and it promised them that they will become famous. They admitted that they have a dream to become an actress so they grab the offer. But they don’t expect that the netizens will bash them although some of them were really entertained to their video.

            Now, the Pabebe Girls are still a talk on social media. As a matter of fact, their videos have been spoofed by some Facebook. Some of the parodies that you find on the net are “Pabeki Girls, Padede Girls, Pabuhos Girls, etc.

            There is also a report that the Ellen De Generes is interested to invite them into their show. Well, the report is not still confirmed, if it is just a satire or true. But we can’t deny that Pabebe Girls are really famous in this moment although there are also many viral videos out there that captured also the attention of the netizens. 


Posted by Bassilyo on Monday, 13 July 2015