No Term Limit for Politicians if Binay Becomes a President

In GMA interview, Vice President Jejomar Binay said that if he become a president he will amend the constitution particular the law which gives limitation to the the term of a public official.

Binay believed that as long as the individual want to run in public office, why do you stop his/her desire to serve people? As long as the people want to vote them, let the official to serve their constitutuent.

In the other hand, when VP Binay asked about his thoughts about the presidential candiate of Liberal Party; he said that he doesn't believe that P-Noy has still not deciding who will be his candidate. The LP might waiting the right timing before they reveal it.

Binay also said that the Ombudsman don't have an enough evidence to file a case in the court against him. He believed that he have been pressured by the other camp because he will run as president.

But Ombudsman Sec. Conchita Morales answered the allegation of Binay against their office. She said that they are persecuting public officials through evidence and not because there is someone told them.