Kris Aquino Harsh Statement on Maria Ozawa is Just a Hoax

            Queen of all Media Kris Aquino denied the rumor that she said foul words against Maria Ozawa. She said that she never said any harsh word to the former AV actress. This was after an article in a site manilalink.com went viral on Facebook which claimed that they had an exclusive interview with Kris. This is to get the reaction of Kris if she is ever his brother would court the former AV actress. In interview, she alleged said that she don’t want Maria for her brother P-Noy because there were already many men used her.

                Many netizens reacted to the article of manilalink. Some of them, look who’s talking? They said that Maria Ozawa is an an international actress. What she did was a only her job; but Kris Aquino had men in her life before until she got STD from Joey Marquez. While Maria although there were many men who already used her she never get any disease from them.
                Kris Aquino said that she was on abroad when the said interview was conducted. Aside from that, she never calls her brother “Kuya”. Her sister Balsy only calls him that way.

                In the other hand, manilalink.com like other sites on internet, this is just a satirical site. It means they are just inventing their stories to give their reactions on a particular issue. The only problem, other people believe in a story easily without thinking that it may just a satire article.