Juan Sipag: I Don't Want to Become a Filipino

          For sure, some of us are really tired to become a Filipino because as a nation we are governing by corrupt leaders. Aside from this, we have a lot of negative traits. Hence, it’s hard to be proud that we are a Filipino. We always hear that other races are mocking and treating us a low class citizen. They are calling as a servant of the world. Of course, it is hard to accept that kind of disdaining. As we have known the Filipino people is a great despite of the negativity that we have. As what the adage says, nobody is perfect in this world.

There is a video of a guy who doesn’t want anymore to become a Filipino that went viral online. In the video he is wearing ‘bayong’ in his head, so he can’t recognized by other people. In World War II, the people who were wearing ‘bayong’ on their head were known as ‘Macapili’ or a traitor. They were the one who pointing to the Japanese Soldiers their enemies. The guy in the video called himself as Juan Sipag. He stated that he doesn’t want to become a Filipino anymore because we have a lot of bad attitudes. Like we are practicing maniana habit, crab mentality, bahala na attitude, etc. Many of us are also ‘epal’ or we are always seeking for attention. Juan Sipag said that is willing to belong in any races, but not to Filipino race.

Many netizens gave their reaction or opinion to the statement of Juan Sipag. Some of them suggested to him that he should go away here in the Philippines if he doesn’t want to become a Filipino anymore. Our country doesn’t need him because he doesn’t know how to love the land where he was born. TV host Lourd de Veyra suggested him also that he should go to North Korea if he is looking for a true discipline. He could plant rice there if he wants.

In the other hand, the statement of Juan Sipag is not new anymore. If you’re a college student, you will hear from your History or Sociology professor about the negative traits of our race. But they are not encouraging to change our nationality. But it is just for the sake of giving awareness; we can change those negative traits if we have just a political will. We are only inherited some of them from our conquerors especially to the Spaniards.

Anyway, we are free to express our opinion on the net. But other people are also free to accept or reject it. If Juan Sipag doesn’t want to become a Filipino anymore, it is up to him. Is that a big deal for us?