Jollibee Corp. Issuues Official Statement on Jay Bee's Wicked Act Against Their Rider

          Finally, the management of Jollibee broke their silence about the incident regarding to the story of Jay Bee who fooled one of their riders. Based on Jay Bee’s post on Facebook, he fooled the delivery boy of Jollibee to get free food. Because of this, many netizens went furious to the post of this guy who proclaimed himself as a doctor and a graduate of Ateneo.

            In a letter, that signed by Arline B. Adiva, PR Director of Jollibee Philippines, she clarifies that it is not their policy to charge to the salary of their riders if ever they are late to arrive at the place of their customers. She is also appealing to their costumers that they should treat their riders with courtesy, honesty and respect.

Here is the content of the letter of Arline B. Adiva:

“It has never been Jollibee's policy to charge the gift certificates issued to customers as goodwill for late delivery against our riders' salaries.

We also want to remind our customers that Jollibee's delivery guarantee time ends upon arrival of rider at the lobby of the building, hospital or condominium or gate/guardhouse of subdivision or offices.

Even as we are committed to provide fast and efficient service to our customers through our Jollibee delivery guarantee, the safety and welfare of our riders are of paramount importance to us. 

We trust that the public will treat our riders with the same courtesy, honesty and respect that they deserve.

Thank you."

            Out of fear to the anger of the netizens, Jay Bee was already deactivated his account. But before this, he raised a middle finger salute dedicated to all of his bashers. There is a report that Jay Bee is not a real doctor, but he is just a baggage boy in an airline. He is also wanted in Baguio because he has an Staffa case according to a person who claimed as his former friend.