Jiro Manio: Homeless and Distress at NAIA 3?

           In a past few days the star of the film Magnifico Jiro Manio is a content of the news after a reportedly that he became homeless and roaming around NAIA Terminal 3. Based on information, the former actor is just begging for foods to survive. The personnel’s of the airport are helping him by giving food and money. The airport management also let Jiro to use their comfort room.

            When the media people asked Jiro about his situation, he became uncomfortable and irritated. He didn’t reveal what’s the reason why he is staying at the airport. He just said that he don’t know where to go.  The press was also noticed the bruises and wound on his neck, but he never answer the question how he got it. 

             Jiro doesn’t also want to discuss about about his family because it may cause trouble for him. He also denied that he is an actor; he only used to be an actor just to gain knowledge or experience.

            The netizens expressed their thoughts about Jiro’s situation. They believed that what happened to him is an effect of illegal drugs. For several years, Jiro had been confined in rehabilitation center. But his families pulled him out due to lack of budget.

           In a latest update about Jiro, his family is already arrived at the airport to bring him to their home.