Jimboy Salazar Dies at Age 42

Photo Source:gmanetwork.com
          Former That’s Entertainment talent Jimboy Salazar who once romantically linked to Mahal has passed away.This was according to the report published in a website Pep.ph.

            According to Pep.ph Salazar died due to Pneumonia on Friday (July 24) at age 42. The former singer was rushed to a hospital after having difficulty in breathing . But when he reached in hospital the doctors declared him as dead on arrival.

            Jimboy became popular when he was linked to Mahal during 2000’s. But the public believed that it was just a gimmick; he never been in love with Mahal until they broke up. In 2010, Jimboy out of the closet to express his true self.

            December last year Jimboy had announced that he wanted to be married with his boyfriend named John on March 2015 after the guy proposed to him. But the wedding plan had not been pushed.