Jay Bee: The Proclaimed Doctor Who Didn't Pay His Order to a Delivery Boy of Jollibee Went Viral Online

A Facebook user named Jay Bee went viral after he posted that he pranked a delivery boy of Jolibee Corporation. According to his post, the delivery boy was late to deliver his order that’s why he insisted that it should be free. As what stated to the rules of the company; if the order of the costumer is not arrive on time it will be free. The delivery boy had been intimidated by Jay Bee that’s why the delivery didn’t argue with him. He boasted also in his post that it is so delicious to eat free food.

But Jay Bee admitted that what he did was intentional. He didn’t answer immediately the calling of the delivery when it was arrived. He holds him for a while before he get his order.

The netizens have been furious to the action of Jay Bee who proclaimed as a doctor and a graduate of Ateneo. They sympathized to the delivery boy; they knew that he will be the one who shoulder the bill of Jay Bee which costs 200 pesos. For the netizens, education is nonsense if you’re acting like an idiot.

The netizens became intrigued to the identity of Jay Bee, but he already deactivated his account after he gained instant popularity in Facebook. There is information from someone who knew him personally. According to him that Jay Bee is not a real doctor, but he is an employee of an airline company. He added that Jay Bee is not his real name, it is just an alias. He also claimed that this man owed him money and had a blotter in Baguio police station.