Is Mar Roxas Needs to Sacrifice His Presidential Candidacy in 2016?

Photo Source: UNTV

           It seems that the Aquino Administration is playing safe; they have a dilemma who will be their presidential candidate in 2016?  At first, they are sure that P-Noy will choose DILG Mar Roxas as his candidate; but all of a sudden, when the rating of Sen. Grace Poe he changed his mind. It is possible that he will turn down Roxas in behalf of Poe and Sen. Chiz Escudero.

            If we will remember, in 2010, Roxas has an ambition to run as President but he gave way to P-Noy. Instead to run as president, he ran as vice president. Unfortunately, he was defeated because Sen. Chiz Escudero endorsed Jejomar Binay. To comfort Roxas, P-Noy assigned him as a DOTC Sec. after that he became a DILG Sec. What are friends are for?

            What is happening now in Liberal Party? They said that they want to unite Sec. Mar Roxas, Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero for the sake of their Daang Matuwid program. They emphasized that one them need to sacrifice. Poe and Escudero were already said that they will not leave each other. What’s the meaning of their statement? That was a hint that Roxas is the one who need to sacrifice? Of course, all of them have their own ambitions. Roxas has been advised by some of LP members that he should not just rely to the endorsement of P-Noy. He can run independent  if he only want.

            The critics of P-Noy concluded that he may dump Roxas because he is not leading in surveys. There is a tendency if Binay wins as president; he will be persecuted and put in jail. Of course, he will endorse a candidate whom he known that has a big appeal to the masses like Poe and Escudero.

            While the LP members are waiting to the endorsement of P-Noy; the UNA party of Binay is very confident. Despite of the attacks from the Aquino administration; their candidate is still intact at the top position in surveys. This is the reason why P-Noy like to push the tandem of Poe-Escudero and not the Roxas-Poe. What do you think?