In Defense of Rhap Salazar's Tweet to Lypsync Singers

          Singer Rhap Salazar was already gave reaction about his controversial post that he wrote on his Twitter account. He said that he hates those non-singers who got a chance to have a record deal. Their investment is not their voice, but only their popularity. Because of his post, he got the attention of some of celebrities like Gary Valenciano, Vice Ganda, etc. Some are of them are agree to his statement, but some of them are also opposed him.

Vice Ganda said that Salazar should not hate those lip sync artist. It is alright if don't like them, but it is not right to hate them. Instead to criticize them, why he don't study their secrets why they became popular compare to those artist who really knew how to sing. The important is they knew how to entertain people.

Salazar didn't expecting that his Tweet will become controversial. He said that he was only expressing about his feeling. But if other people don't like what he said, he is respecting them. As of now, he will just continue his singing career.

As a listener, we can't that the sentiments of Salazar is just a mirror of the entertainment industry here in the Philippines. Pure talent is not important to the music producers. Sometimes they choose non-singers to sing if they are already popular. It is not a new thing anymore, Vilma Santos, Judy Ann Santos, etc were used to be singers because they have a lot of fans out there and this trend is still rampant. Of course, let us also cite Anne Curtis who had released her music album and made a major concert in Araneta. If we remember Lea Salonga criticized her because she don't have a talent in  singing.

We can't blame Salazar or any other people if they will give their reaction about the real situation of OPM.  But on the other hand, the lyp-sinc singers has also a right to do pursue what they want. It is up to the people if they will patronize them or not. Based on what's happening; they will not produce music if they don't have listeners. Is this an evidence that most of us have don't a taste in music? Well, maybe everyone of us has a preference of good music. The bad music might be a good music for others.

We can't also erase the fact, that music is a business. Although you're a good singer, but you have only a few followers, you're still nothing. Compare to those lyp-sync singers who have already established their name in the entertainment industry. If they will produce a music album, for sure their fans will buy and promote it.