Iglesia ni Cristo's Angel and Tenny Manalo Controversial Video: Our Lives are in Danger


             There is a report that Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo and  his mother Tenny Manalo are asking for help to their brethren because their lives are in danger. They announced it on a more than 1 minute video. But they didn’t disclose or elaborate who are the people behind their fear. Terry said that he want to talk with his son Inc. Executive Minster Eduardo Manalo. The said video went viral online and became a talk of the town.

                To response about the news, the management of Iglesia ni Cristo conducted a press conference. Inc General Evangelist Bienvinido Santiago denied that that the lives of the Angel and Tenny are in danger. They also revealed that some of their ministers have been abducted. As a response to their claim, the leadership of Iglesia ni Cristo decided to expel these people which according to them are creating divisions inside the church.

                The netizens have different reactions about the conflict inside the Iglesia ni Cristo. Others said, it is possible that the Church would be divided into two. The expelled members may build their own church. This what also happened to Muslims; they had been divided because of the conflict between the families of Prophet Muhammad. While other said the issue here is about the wealth of the church. The other side just wants to control it all because they don’t want it to share with the other members of their family. They also concluded that this is the block voting of Iglesia ni Cristo will be ruined.