Does the Rizal Monument Should be Adjust from its Position?

Source: interaksyon.com

                 Recently, Manila Cong. Amado Bagatsing proposed to the government that they should turn around the monument of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Through this action, the problem regarding Torre de Manila which categorized as “pambansang photo bomber” will be solved.

                Cong. Bagatsing explained behind his idea about his proposal. He said that Rizal had been shot at the back by Spaniard soldiers due he was accused as a traitor. To correct thee history, it is only appropriate to turn around Rizal in front of Manila City instead of Manila Bay.

                But the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA) doesn’t agree to the proposal of Cong. Bagatsing. NCCA Chairman Atty. Trixie Angeles said that the proposal of Cong. Bagatsing is not a good idea. She believed that it is not the solution to the problem. The issue here is the Torre de Manila destroys the beautiful view of Dr. Jose Rizal. As a national hero, he should venerate, but from what they are doing they disrespecting him.

                In the other side, DMCI which is the developer of the Torre de Manila; they appreciate the proposal of Cong. Bagatsing. But they don’t have a power to decide what should be the necessary action to do to their problem with their building. It is better for them to wait the decision of the court. But they believed that the development in a city and the culture could be compliment with each other. They don’t see any reason that Torre de Manila should be demolished as what other sectors want to happen.