Andal Ampatuan Sr. Has A Few Remaining Months to Live

Source: gmanetwork.com
           The former Andal Ampatuan Sr. has only remaining three to four months to live. This was his doctor based on the medical certificate of Ampatuan.

            Andal Sr. is one of the primary suspects in the Maguindanao Massacre where more than 50 people killed including media people and some civilians. His physician Jade Jamias of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) said that Andal Sr. is suffering from liver cancer and he is still confined at their hospital. He was brought to the NKTI last June 5 due to the complaint that he had something felt badly into his body. H undergone in a test and the doctor found out that he has a liver cancer.

            On the other hand, the prosectution panel has a doubt to the report that Andal Sr. is already dying. This is just a speculation, they pointed out that if the news is true the Ampatuan side should show them a medical certificate from a doctor.

            As of now, the relatives of the victim of Ampatuan are not still giving their reaction about the report. But some netizens has already expressed their feeling about the situation of the patriarchal of Ampatuan. Others said are happy at least through this the victims will get justice although until now the case is still on hearing.