Prank Video Outside the Bank Bashes By Netizens

                Prank videos are scattered online. Some of them are really funny. But some of them are extreme because the pranksters forgot their limitation.

                There is a video of a prankster went viral online after it was uploaded on Facebook Fan Page of Super Heroes in Training. It is entitled "Taong grasa muntik ng paputukan sa banko". In the video, there is a beggar who is trying to enter in a bank. But the two guards are refused to enter inside the bank. Instead the follow, the prankster lied on the floor then after that he is also went away to ride in a car. The guards are shocked because they never thought that the man who pretends as beggar is a rich man.

                The uploader of the video wrote a caption which says 'O ano ka ngayon, mahilig kasing magdiscriminate. Instead to gained symphaty from the netizens the uploader has been bashed because of his caption. For the netizens, there was no discrimination happened because the guards are only doing their duty. And that is to protect the establishment which they are working. They only emphasized that was really a bad joke. What if the guards shot the prankster out of their irritation?

                The viral video was derived from the television show entitled “Prankista” which already aired on November last year.