Photo of a Headless Priest Went Viral Online is Just a Huncback Old Woman

              Recently, there is a photo alleged a photo of a headless priest online. The photo was uploaded by a Facebook user in Iloilo. It made scared some netizens, while others believed that it was only edited. We knew that many people now want to get attention through social media. Anyway, what’s the truth behind the photo?

                Based on GMA News report, the person in the photo is not a headless priest. It is only a hunchback old woman who is always attending in a Sta. Maria Parish Church. The residence who lives near the church confirmed it. They said that the old woman is always wearing a long dress that’s why she looks like a priest.

                The sibling of the person who taken the photo said also that the head of the woman is almost too close from her chest. 

          So, next time we should be critical to what we are seeing in the internet. It is not always true that ‘to see is to believe.’ We knew that through technology, it is easy for other people to make believe us with their invented stories.