Mitoy and Mika: A Love Story that Builds Through Clash of Clans?

          It seems that almost of the Facebook users are callous or insensitive towards the feelings of other people. All they do is to criticize or bash someone although they don’t know the personally the person. It is easy for them to react in any topics without analyzing the truth. They believed to the adage which says what you see shall you get. Other netizens are also inventing stories to get the attention of the public. Like what happened to the couple went viral; the uploader didn’t know them personally that’s why he/she called them as Mitoy and Mika.

            According to the story, the couple is both a gamer of Clash of Clans (COC). Because of this, they felt in love with each other. Many netizens mocked the boy because of his height and thrown a lot of negative comments. Then, other netizens were envied because the girl has a relationship with the boy despite of his physical deficiency. They encourage other people to play also COC to find their true love.

            The truth had been exposed through the popular magazine TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Their real name is Pat Patricio and Althea Ronquilo. The couple denied the story that they met each other because of COC. The truth is they don't know how to play COC. They met each other because they are working in the same restaurant. The girl felt in love with the boy because of his character and she never mind about his small height. The boy said admitted that he has been upset to the negative comments of his bashers. But instead to take it seriously; he decided not to give them an attention. He knows that in the end he will be the loser if he will mind them. The important is they love each other and their families are favor with their relationship.

            So, to the bashers out there, just scrutinize if the information that you’re reading is true or just a false story. We knew that many people today are seeking for attention. For them, it doesn’t matter if they put their neighbor in a shameful situation.