Mich Liggayu Now Has a Solo Career


         Time is running so fast, almost 4 months since Jam Sebastian died due to lung cancer; the half of Jamich Mich Liggayu decided to have a solo career.

            Mich said that she is planning to form a different YouTube account to stop the negative issue about her. This is regarding to the claimed of Jam’s mother Maricar that she is not giving the share of Jam to his family since he was died. There was also an allegation that Mich took some of the valuable things of Jam including the remote control of air condition when he was confined in hospital.

            Mich denied the accusation of Maricar; she said that her late boyfriend knows that she is not a selfish person. Money was never an issue with them since then. She was hands-off in terms of money; she let Jam to manage their earnings. If they had projects, Jam was in-charge to communicate promoters. She never interfered in financial aspect. Mich said that she don’t want to worsen her conflict with Jam’s mother that’s why she will create a different YouTube account.

            Despite of the negative issues about Mich, her outlook in life is still positive. Instead to take it seriously, she moves forward and trying to ignore the negative comments of other people.

            When she was asked if she is already coped with the death of her boyfriend, Mich admitted that there are times that she feels sad because she is still never adjust how to be alone. 

            So, folks, it is very clear that Mich will not be partnered to other guy. Let us forget about NeoMitch, okay?