Maria Ozawa and Robin Padilla in a Film?

            In an Instagram Post, Troy Montero said that Robin Padilla and former AV actress Maria Ozawa will shoot a movie. The movie will become an entry in Metro Manila Film Fest in June. Before this, Haunted Tower Productions had already announced that the two will make a film.

            No, the Padilla and Ozawa film is not a daring film, but it is an action-horror flick. We knew that Ozawa was already graduated in doing such that kind of film. Haunted Tower Production is the movie outfit that released “Binhi” starring by Mercedes Cabral and Joem Bascon. The Padilla-Ozawa movie will be co-produce by Mica Tan’s MFT Group of Companies and actor Troy Montero’s We Love Post.

            Maria Ozawa is not new in acting anymore. As a matter of fact, she already made a lot of short film. She wants to prove that aside from revealing her skin in front of the camera, she also know how to act. Well, let us wait the finish product of her movie with Robin Padilla.

            As of now, Marielle Rodriguez, wife of actor Robin Padilla is not giving any reaction about the movie. For sure, it is okay for her if Robin will work with Ozawa. It is only about a movie, nothing else.Although we knew that Ozawa may hook to the actor.