Manila Traffic Enforcer Complains by a Motorist Due to Abusive Behavior?

             Nowadays it is very easy to release your grievances to anyone through the help of social media. We always see on Facebook that there are motorists who are complaining some traffic enforcers because of their abusive behavior. Some of them are inventing violations and of course their intention is to kickback money. The poor motorist nothing can do, but to follow the demand of the corrupt enforcer. If they would not follow, the officer will confiscate their driver license and that is very a big hassle to the motorist. Some of them are arrogant and doesn't know how to respect the motorist. 

                Here is another complaint of a netizen named Anna Dio against a traffic enforcer Rubic Salazar. Allegedly Salazar made a fake traffic violation against her. She said that we should be careful to this traffic enforcer if ever we will see him. To know the full story, let us read her statement that already gone viral via Facebook…

Fellow motorists, BEWARE!
This Manila traffic enforcer by the name of Rubic L. Saraza #0938 is the most arrogant and disrespectful enforcer we have ever encountered.
We were turning right to Lacson from EspaƱa about 3 seconds left on green light, and Saraza waved his hand as if signaling us to turn. Then he suddenly gestured us to stop. Thinking that he was just going to check for the car registration (since the car was due for May), we already prepared the papers to show proof of registration. But to our surprise, he suddenly said that we turned on red light.
That's when I realized that it was probably his modus and a way of making up false violations. We explained to him that it was still green when we turned, and refused to surrender Anthony's license. Anthony said that he could've just easily signaled us to stop if indeed we were about to turn on red, but his waving gesture (as if making us go) was contrary to it.
That's when Saraza began to snap and asked us to show Anthony's license "para matapos na at makaalis na daw kami." When Anthony asked why he had to, Saraza said "GAGO ka pala e, para kang bata nagtatanong ka pa." Then he began to insinuate that maybe Anthony didn't have a license. So we decided to SHOW the license to prove otherwise, but Saraza deliberately grabbed it from Anthony's hand and immediately left to get his ticket booklet from his motorcycle. Nagdadabog pa sya in the process, mumbling on his own.
When Anthony refused to take the ticket, he just left it on the dashboard and walked back to the intersection. We immediately complained about this to the police officer on site but he said that the only recourse we have is to file a formal complaint. Apparently, traffic enforcers are not under their jurisdiction and their involvement is limited to criminal incidents only (not even sure if that's true).
This experience made me realize and understand why some motorists end up hurting traffic enforcers. I'm not saying that it's right to do that. But enforcers like Saraza can really get to your nerves no matter how hard you try to keep your cool. I'm glad Anthony was able to control his temper.
If, for the sake of argument, Anthony did commit a violation, this doesn't give Saraza the right to be rude & arrogant and even use words like "gago." Who the hell does he think he is?!
We are determined to file a complaint against Saraza. To some, it might seem to be a waste of time, but traffic enforcers like him should learn that they have no right to disrespect motorists in any way, nor abuse the authority that the government has given them to SERVE the public. Let this be a lesson to all.
To our fellow motorists, beware of this modus. Let us all be vigilant in order to put a stop to senseless and abusive acts like this. If you know anyone who might be able to assist us on this matter, please let us know. Feel free to share.