Maegan Says Sorry to His Father, Freddie Aguilar

         In a Star Talk interview which aired on June 6, Maegan Aguilar had already apologized to his father Freddie Aguilar. The daughter admitted that what he did to his father was really wrong. Out of her anger she their home because she had an issue to the new young wife Jovie Albao of her father.

If we remeber, Maegan and Freedie had a conflict since the old singer converted into Muslim religion just to marry his young girlfriend. After that, Maegan accused Ka Freddie that he neglecting her and her children. She even called his dad as "bad father". But instead to get to symphaty to the public, Maegan had been critized because she did respect her father and let what he want to do with his life.

Maegan said, "May sakit pa rin. Nandiyan pa rin 'yung pain, kasi siyempre nawalan kami ng pamilya, nawalan kami ng bahay." She also said that she is now the only one who is supporting her own family. And it is hard for her to focus in the future if she still have an emotional baggage. Maegan had been break up with her long time partner, Ali Sancher due to physical abused.

On the other hand, Ka Freddie gave his reaction, for him what happened with Maegan was just a simple case of misunderstanding. His daughter can't get the message that he want to emphasize then she reacted. After that, Maegan decided to leave their house. But despite of the mess, he appreciates the result of his daughter's decision. She said, "Anyway, maganda naman 'yung nangyari. Nag-decide siyang mag-solo, which I think nakabuti sa kanya dahil mas lalo siyang matututo sa buhay niya," he said.