LGBT Communities Celebrates Same Sex Marriage in the US

                  The LGBT communities all over the world are celebrating because the US Supreme Court decided to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 States of America. 

            Here in the Philippines, the LGBT are very happy for what happened in the US. They believed that it may open the perception of the Filipino people. We knew that the Philippines is denominated by the Catholic Church which is opposing the same sex marriage since the beginning.

               Over the week, the support for LGBT rights is pouring. The Facebook management created an app, so the users can show their support for same sex marriage in America. The profile pics of many FB users have been filter by the color of rainbow with a hashtag ‘lovewin’. Aside from social media, some of the LGBT members organized a Gay March. Then,the Metropolitan Church conducted a ritual of same-sex marriage in Quezon City. 
               The LGBT insisted that they are just asking for equality and they are not consider this as a privilege as what other people thinks. For them, they have the right to choose their partner and be married with that person. They want their union to be protected by law. They don’t care about the teaching of a sect or religion. Some of them believed that God doesn’t know how to discriminate people whatever is their sexual orientation.

                In the other side, the anti-gay marriage excerpted some bible verses to prove that gay marriage is not written in the Holy Scripture. That kind of ritual is just invented by the LGBT communities. God created man and woman only, not what we called third sex. God also destroyed Sodom and Gomora because of his wrath towards homosexuality.

                The Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has declared their standing about gay marriage. They firmly believed that marriage is a sacred; it is only restricted between man and woman. This is also what written in our Family Code. But they promised that they will conduct a study about the decision of the Supreme Court. But they never say that they will support the proposal of the LGBT to legalize same sex marriage here in the Philippines.