Judy Ann Santos is Pregnant

          Ryan Agoncillo confirmed that his wife actress Judy Ann Santos is already a pregnant. He made the confirmation in EatBulaga on June 10. The host had shown the picture of the ultra sound result of the second pregnancy of Juday. This will be the fifth members of their family. Aside from having an adopted daughter, the couple has also a son.

            Before Ryan confirmed the pregnancy of Juday, the couple posted on their Instagram the word ‘Positive’ without elaborating the meaning of that word. In previous week, the couples were already speculating that Juday is already pregnant.

            On the other hand, Noel Ferrer, manager of Ryan said that Juday is 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant already.

            The fans of Ryan and Juday are really happy for them. They also said that Juday should care herself and the baby on her womb. They wish that more blessings to come to the family of their idols.

Sorce: PEP