Fake Rice Made in China Begins to Spread Across the Country?

Source: abscbnnews.com

      Most  of the Filipino people has been scared to the news that fake rice is already entered in our country. The scares began to spreads when a family from Davao complaint to the store because when they cooked the rice they were shocked; they noticed that it was made of Styrofoam or plastic. Based on a report, thee fake rice is made in China

      Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warned the retailers and importers of rice in Davao that they should not selling fake rice. To protect the consumers, he is already ordered to the policemen to conduct a checkpoint within their areas. He also told them to make a search and operation in their pier.

     Duterte also warned the the businessman that if ever he will caught them selling fake rice; he will make an order that they should it the no matter it is a ton of rice.