Erap: Grace Poe is Qualified to Run in Presidential Election

                Erap gave his reaction about the word war that happening right now with Grace Poe and Binay’s camp. Poe is attacking about the involvement of Vice President Jejomar Binay in corruption issue. While the other side is saying that Poe is not qualified to run in presidency in 2016 because of her residency or nationality.

                In ABS-CBN report, Erap said that strife is just normal in politics. He never surprised anymore if there is a scenario like this. But he believed that Poe is qualified to run for a presidential post contrary to the belief of his party mates in United Opposition Alliance (UNA). Erap cleared that their political party is not afraid of Poe even she will push her candidacy.

                Erap also said that he don’t have a plan to interfere with Poe and Binay’s camp for they don’t asking his help. He doesn’t want to give also his opinion about their fight. As a matter of fact, as of now he doesn’t know which camp he will choose or to support. Vice President Binay is his kumpare while Poe is his godchild.

                Erap has an advice to Poe, he appealed that she just work and don’t involved too much in quarreling or don’t hitting below the belt.