Duterte Will Not Run in Presidential 2016

              Davao Mayor Duterte has already changed his mind; he will not run anymore in Presidential election in 2016. This what he said in a TV interview earlier despite of the the clamor of many sectors that he should run in a higher position.

                Duterte said that there is a rebellion in his own backyard. His family and friends doesn’ t want him to run for president. Even his daughter who is also a politician is stopping him to run as president. What they want is just rest because he is already too old. Aside from that, he has no fund for a national campaign to pursue his plan.

                Duterte said that his running for presidency was started as a joke when he was pushing a federal form of government. He was surprised that many people clamoring him to run as president in 2016. He admitted that he had already talked with five big financiers and he told them that he will not pursue his plan to run for higher office. The mayor also said that he don’t want his supporter to sulk with him. But his decision is already final; he will not run in Presidential 2016.  

Source: abs-cbnnews.com