Creepy Sound in Batangas Makes Round Online

      There is a video which feautures a creepy sound posted by a Facebook user named Vincent Andy Magnaye and it makes round online. According to the uploader it was happened around 3:00 pm in Lobo, Batangas on June 5. In the video, we the environment was cloudy and you will hear a weird sound. 

The netizens a different reaction to the unidentified sound. A netizen made a joke about it; he said that the heavens became deemed because Shenron was finally completed the Dragon Balls. Other said that that it was just a sound of Incedious movie or a taping of Jurassic in Batangas. 

The other netizens said that it is just a product of climate change and it is also happening in other countries. There is also saying that the earth's magnetic pole is unstable because the magnetosphere is destroying due to sun's destuctive forces like solar flare which hits directly on our planet. 

On the other hand, many netizens believes that the end is near. For them, the angels blown a trumpet to send their message to the people. It remind us that we should repent with our sins before Jesus Christ come back here on earth.