Ayala Center Cebu's Cinema 5 Collapses

        The Ayala Center Cebu has been talk of the town due to the falling of the large portion of their Cinema 5 on June 15. The incident quickly spread via social media when a Facebook user Charles Chamberlain Igot uploaded it on Facebook and it was picked up by different Facebook fan pages.

            Based on a report, the incident happened around 8:30 in the evening. This was an exclusive movie screening of ad campaign of Dreamscape Network, an Australian based BPO company. Approximately it was attended by 350 people including foreigners. Luckily, only 6 persons had been injured on that incident. They only got bruises and wounds on their bodies and only one of the victims was taken to the hospital. 

'           The owner and officers of the Australian based company expressed their disappointment to the management of Ayala Center Cebu. They are planning to file a case against the management of the mall. As of now, the police will conduct an investigation to know what the cause of the incident was.


God, thank you for saving everyone...'twas supposedly a big night for our company as we launch our new brand ad campaign... but this thing happened... so sad ayala took sometime to respond for the emergency.Credit to Charles Chamberlaine Igot for the video. Dong pwede ni mabalhin sa imong wall??... hahahaha... mag DNS transfer ta....@Ayala Cinema 5
Posted by Theo Java on Monday, 15 June 2015