9 Months Pregnant Dances 'Budots' Makes Round Online

              A video of a 9 months pregnant who danced Budots went viral online via Facebook. It was uploaded by a Facebook user named Jestoni Balog. Budots dance was popularized by Camuz Boys from Davao. In this dance, it has no dance step. It has a resemblance to Harlem Shake; you can dance what you want without thinking the right step.

                The viral video is just a 28 seconds long, but many netizens had been entertained to the Budots of the pregnant mother. Not only because she is funny; but she proves that even the pregnant has a right to dance. Not just to express the feelings, but it also a good exercise for a pregnant like her.

                If you’re a pregnant, maybe you should also dance Budots. But you should be careful with your movements for the sake of your baby. There is a tendency you’ll be slipped if you’re not watching your steps, okay?


Manood Kayo Nito!!! LAUGH TRIP! ALMOST 9months OLD PREGNANT FUTURE MOMMY DANCED #BUDOTS.... First time kong makakita ng ganito, she is really amazing.. Please Share and Like!#TRENDINGVIDEOS #KMJS #MARCLOGAN #PINOYVIRAL #hottestMOMMY #HAPPYLNG
Posted by Jestoni Balog on Tuesday, 2 June 2015