The Significance of Number 26 in Earthquakes and Other Disasters in the World

       There is a post has gone viral in social media about the date of earthquakes and other catasthropes which was already happened in the past years, decades and centuries. It was only unusual because it was always happened in every 26th of the month. The post of KR Nongbri was already gained thousand of views. I went viral after there was a news that it is possible that the West Valley fault line may happen in anytime because it is already active. The experts predicted that 50 to 100 people may die in this earthquake that would happen in Metro Manila. The question is are we ready to face the anger of the nature? 
Anyway, here is the post of KR Nongbri about the number 26:
Is it a Coincidence???
China Earthquake
26th July 1976
Gujrat Earthquake
26 January 2001.
Tsunami in Indian Ocean
26th Dec 2004
Mumbai attack 26/11
26th November 2008
Taiwan earthquake
26th July 2010
Japan Earthquake
26th February 2010
Now Nepal earthquake
26th April 2015.
Why is it Always "26" ?
26 Dec 1861 Earthquake in Egion, Yunani
26 Mar 1872 Earthquake in Owens Valley, USA
26 Aug 1896 Earthquake in Skeid, Land, Islandia
26 Nov 1902 Earthquake in Bohemia, sekarang Czech Republic
26 Nov 1930 Earthquake in Izu
26 Sep 1932 Earthquake in Ierissos, Yunani
26 Nov 1943 Earthquake in Tosya Ladik, Turki
26 Dec 1949 Earthquake in Imaichi, Jepun
26 Mei 1957 Earthquake in Bolu Abant, Turki
26 Mar 1963, Earthquake in Wakasa Bay, Jepang
26 Jul 1967 Earthquake in Pulumur, Turki
26 Sep 1970 Earthquake in Bahia Solano, Colombia
26 Jul 1971 Earthquake in Solomon Island
26 Apr 1972 Earthquake in Ezine, Turki
26 Mei 1975 Earthquake in N. Atlantic
26 Mar 1977 Earthquake in Palu, Turki
26 Dec 1979 Earthquake in Carlisle, Inggris
26 Apr 1981 Earthquake in Westmorland, USA
26 Mei 1983 Earthquake in Nihonkai, Chubu, Jepang
26 Jan 1985 Earthquake in Mendoza, Argentina
26 Jan 1986 Earthquake in Tres Pinos, USA
26 Apr 1992 Earthquake in Cape Mendocino, California, USA
26 Okt 1997 Earthquake in Italia
26 dec 2004 Tsunami aceh
A number of interesting facts that we'd think about it:
Do we realize ... ???
Tasik, Jawa Barat
Mount Merapi Eruption
Tenggarong Bridge
Samarinda, Indonesia
26 Okt.
Haiyan typhoon
Recent earthquakes in Nepal on 26-04-2015.
Why all this Occur on the date of 26th?
Is this coincidence?
In The BIBLE, Read What God Said in -
HAGGAI 2:6 <-- (Number 26)
Its Written HAGGAI 2:6 : "This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.