Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Confirms Death Squad in Davao

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte confirmed it is true that there isa death squad in Davao City. This is his tactic to demoralize and lessen the crime rate in the city. The mayor boasted that through his action, Davao became one of the most peaceful places in the country. He is not afraid of those groups or people who are condeming his action.

But the Human Rights Watch is not happy to the mayor's extrajudicial killing system that he is practicing in Davao. They appealed to the Philippine government to investigate the mayor and take an action against him. For he is putting the law into his hands. They believed that Duterte is not only liquadarring drug dealers and other lawless elements; he is also responsible to the death or disapperance of street children.

  As of now, the human groups had already conducted to the judicial killings in Davao. But they only investigated some cops who had been involved in death squad. They don't have direct link to Duterte who already admitted that death squad is existing in the city. According to their calculation, there were already 1,000 cases of extrajudicial killings in Davao.

Duterte said that he don't want to kill people that's why he is appealing to the Filipino people that don't vote him if he run as a president. If ever he win, it is also possible that he will apply what he is doing in Davao. The 1,000 figures may rise upto 50-100 thousand. For sure, he will liquadate all the criminals who are menace into our society.